Calligraphy layout sheet generator
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A generator for ruled layout sheets for calligraphy practice

Creates sheets with horizontal rulings for baselines, ascenders, descenders etc. along with slanted lines. All line positions, angles, weights, styles and colours are fully configurable.

Layouts can be templated!


No installation is required. As long as you have python you can just run it.


Use "./ --help" for help with all the options available. Some predefined templates are in the "templates" directory and sample layout sheets are in the "out" and "mirror-out" directories. These sample layouts are generated by the included Makefile which should serve to show you how to use a template with parameters/overrides set via the command line.

Some templates, specifically the italic templates, require nib-width to be specified on the command line since correct italic sizing depends on the nib used. This should be used as a basis for defining layouts for other styles with similar requirements.

The Makefile also includes an example of using pdfflip/pdfnup (from pdftools) to print two A5 layouts side-by-side on a single A4 sheet.

The --mirror option, and the corresponding pre-built mirror-out layouts, are intended for printable acetates/overhead transparencies. With these you need to print on the roughened side but generally want to use them smooth side up. This is especially true if you are using them under thin paper such as the 52gsm Tomoe River or if you use them as a wipe-clean practice sheet with a water based marker.

Bugs, questions etc?

File them at