RFGate binding for openHAB
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Mike Jagdis 69de5ea151 [rfgate] Remove unused HUM channel type
We're using system.atmospheric-humidity rather than HUM.
(If we did use HUM it should use "%" in the format rather than "%unit%")

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RFGate Binding

This binding integrates large number of sensors and actuators from several different manufactures through [RFGate gateways] and RFLink gateways.

RFGate/RFLink gateways may be configured to support RF protocols at 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz and 2.4GHz like:

  • HomeEasy
  • Cresta
  • X10
  • La Crosse
  • OWL
  • CoCo (KlikAanKlikUit),
  • PT2262
  • Oregon
  • etc.

See the Supported Devices Lists from [RFGate] and RFLink for the complete list of supported sensors and devices as well as firmware update announcements.



Default: false

OpenHAB really wants devices to be owned by specific bridges and have the bridge ID as part of the device UID however that isn't how 433 MHz RF devices work (at least for RX).

If usebridgeids is false (the default) then discovered devices will not have a bridge ID in their device UID however when you accept a discovered device it will remain in the "ERROR: HANDLER" state until you edit the Thing and set a bridge in its properties. Only once a bridge has been set will the Thing come online and start receiving updates.

If usebridgeids is true discovered devices will have a bridge ID in both their device UID and properties. They will come online immediately after they are accepted however there may be multiple entries in the inbox, one for each bridge that see the signal. The binding knows they are all the same so only one should be accepted and the others removed. If more than one is accepted only Thing will receive updates (probably the last one accepted).


Need to manually install the serial driver:

openhab> feature:install openhab-transport-serial